Why Sarah T. Powers

For me, it’s all about YOU! What do YOU want to see on your wall?

I love creating custom artwork – it’s my passion! I specialize in Abstract Expressionism, usually described as large colorful paintings above a fireplace, sofa, or over a bed, for example. These custom paintings are also great in office settings.Acrylic paint on canvas is the normal recipe, but other ingredients could be used as well. I have a special interview process when I meet with you – I’ll ask a series of casual questions to determine your likes/dislikes, what colors and styles you have in mind. Whether it’s an Old World look your going for, or ultra modern, it’s possible!

  • Personalized Experience
  • One Of A Kind Artwork
  • Tailored To Your Tastes
  • Special Interview Process
  • Creative & Inspiring Images
  • Energetic, Emotive, Colorful
  • All Work Guaranteed

When creating your painting, I count on my intuition, our interview and the creative process to produce a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for you! When you commission me to create a painting for you, I guarantee my work.So imagine for a moment, what colors do you love? What would you like to gaze upon in your space? What would complete the look you’re going for? What inspires you? Would you like to feel energized or calmed by this custom artwork? Do you need something to coordinate with your decor? What is it that you really don’t care for? (I won’t include this in your painting). Let’s meet to discover what I can create for you!